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Come to Business America Services for all your warehousing needs. Thanks to our huge depot, we can store all your merchandise for pickup and delivery without any hassle or stress.

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Let us keep your transactions organized with order processing and distribution services. We provide discounts on shipping costs by helping you create your own courier accounts.

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Never worry about your package getting lost, as we have mail services that prioritize all your needs. From mail forwarding to pickups, we make sure that your packages reach you.

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Streamline shipping and distribution of products through order fulfillment services.
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About Us

Business America Services, a full service company, in Swanton, Vermont, provides warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping for small and medium-sized businesses in Montreal, Quebec and other cities. Since 1997, we have been helping entrepreneurs streamline their ordering processes so they can have more time to spend on marketing.

We understand how difficult it is to keep track of all transactions and orders, especially if the business is just starting. This is where our service comes in handy. We have Canadian and US customers who start with a US address for business marketing purposes. This is why we started BAS, so we can help clients easily streamline their businesses. Every client who allows us to handle their accounts has their own designated contact person for a more personal service.

Thanks to our "Pick, Pack, and Ship" services, both US-based and Canada-based customers can ship their merchandise across the boarder. Without going through complicated shipping processes, distribution is easier and customers get their items quicker than expected.

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