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Streamlined Transactions with Order Fulfillment and Processing

Let Business America Services in Swanton, Vermont, keep your transactions organized with our order fulfillment, processing and distribution services. We provide you with solutions on how to improve your business process so you can make mailing and distribution easier and stress-free. Serving Montreal, Quebec and other cities.

Package Delivery

Web-Based Order Processing

No matter what you are selling online, we can quickly fulfill your customer's order. In such cases, we pick, pack, and ship your items within 24 hours, provided that we receive a copy of your online order Mondays through Thursdays. 

Return Management

Every company deals with returns, and you are not an exception. Acting on your behalf, we process returns according to your detailed instructions and procedures. You will be notified each time we receive a return with the information supplied by the customer.

Reduced Shipping Costs

It is important that we give you great savings, so your customers will not have to endure high prices. Thanks to the sheer volume of business that we give to our shippers, you benefit from our preferential rates. If you are a high-volume client, we help you open your own UPS™ or USPS™ account so you can receive the same discounts from the couriers as we do. The courier companies would even invoice you directly.

Local, National and International Distribution

Business America Services fulfills orders not only sent to Vermont residents, but to all states in the USA and around the world. In addition, we have developed the expertise to ship orders for Canadian companies.


UPS, FedEx, USPS, LTL & Full Trailers