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Delivering and Picking Up Your Packages with Timely Mail Services

Business America Services in Swanton, Vermont, provides complete mail services for individuals as well as businesses. Our services, such as mail forwarding and redirecting, help organize your packages so we can deliver them in a timely manner. Our service area covers all cities in the
US and Canada.

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USA Physical Address

Your US address is not a box number, but a physical address that becomes your legal USA postal address. We offer an option that allows us to assign you a phone number along with the legal address. This phone number is automatically forwarded to your regular business line, allowing you to answer as if it was your American line.

Receiving Mail

Our service is perfect for those who are busy and do not have the time to claim their mail. We will gladly receive your mail and not open it until you claim it. If you specifically instructed us to open your credit card bills, invoices, or orders, we can do so and have them faxed or emailed to you for just $1.00 per sheet.

Redirecting Mail

In case any mail addressed to you or your company arrives at our distribution center, we can redirect it to you upon request. For an affordable fee per instance, plus our regular charges for shipping either by UPS or USPS, we can re-direct the mail to wherever you are.

Mail Forwarding

We forward our overnight mail delivery from our distribution center to Canada through UPS, FedEx™, and USPS™. Generally, we deliver the next day by 10:30 a.m. without any hassle from customs, as long as the mail contains only documents and merchandise.

Mail Pickup from Nearest Post Office

If you have a post office box in Swanton, Vermont, or Champlain, New York, you can leave a key with us and we will pick up your mail for a budget-friendly fee per trip. Then, we will forward it to you either by UPS or USPS at regular rates. For large volumes of mail, such as letter bags and boxes, please call us for a quote. We will not open your mail unless you instruct us to.

Shipping by Post Office

Unless specified, we can ship your packages to the post office using Priority Mail™. You will be charged with a percentage markup over the total amount for shipping and insurance, plus another fee when running to the local post office. If you need to ship very large boxes, please call us. We also charge labor time on an hourly basis, plus 50 cents per mile to make a special run to the post office, which takes about an hour.

US Mail Order Services

For a fixed percentage markup over our direct cost, we can mail your letters without any hassle or worry. For mailing that requires more than $50.00 in postage, please make arrangements ahead of time so we can schedule the mailing and have funds available. All mailings of more than $50.00 must be paid in advance.